Freisa Superiore d'Asti. Pleasantly tannic, balanced, and structured.

Freisa d’Asti Superiore

Our Freisa Superiore, the symbolic wine of the estate, is the result of a long selection and research process and undergoes a year of aging in wood to enhance the tannicity and structure that characterize this type of vine. The color is intense ruby red, with reflections tending towards garnet, and the aroma is ethereal, intense, with hints of jam, ripe fruit, and spices.

A long-lived wine, pleasantly tannic, balanced, and structured.


Ideal in combination with important traditional Piedmontese food.

To be tasted with starters, meat-based sauces, and typical local traditional dishes such as mixed fried fish, ‘finanziera’ (traditional local stew), ‘sontuoso bollito’ (various cooked meats), and succulent braised meats.

14% vol — 75cl